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Men’s Grooming

When it comes to hygiene and appearance, there are some guidelines that should be followed at all times. This article will provide you with five tips that are considered as essential part for men’s grooming.

Wash Your Hair Every Day? NO!

Many men will argue on this fact but don’t get too upset, you can rinse your hair everyday but don’t shampoo it. Shampooing everyday deprives your hair of the essential natural oils that is important for your hair nourishment. This is the reason you feel more volume and dry hair after you shampoo. Try shampoo for every alternate day or perhaps even third day if you are not too keen on hair products.

Schedule a Proper Hygienic Shaving System

You need to know it’s paramount that you change your razor blade every couple of week at the least to avoid infection. You also need to use a pre-shave skin toner or a soothing shave cream or gel for eliminating ingrown hair and irritation, and a post-shaving calming and hydrating balm.

Your Beard Neckline Should Be Clean

If you are enthusiastic about growing a beard, make sure that you properly trim it. Envisage “U” shape from behind ear that hits a point one inch above the Adam’s apple, and shave off everything below this line. Also, do not shave hair in front of jaw, your hair should cover your cheeks and area beneath chin.

Moisturize and Cleanse Twice Daily and Exfoliate Twice Weekly

The secret to flawless skin is a proper regimen for skincare. This includes three steps; in morning cleans your skin for eliminating bacteria and grime. After this use a moisturizer for keeping the skin hydrated and fighting signs of aging. Every three days go for exfoliation between the above two steps to get rid of dead skin cells and to stop pore blockage. This will help to keep your skin glowing and shining.

Remember Poorly Groomed Body Hair Kill the Vibe

You do not have to be all antibody hair, but imagine ‘manscaping.’ The more hair you grow, the sweatier you’ll get, so keep things somewhat (contained) trim-at least for your significant other’s sake. And, if back hair is your asset, we do not want to stop you from wearing it proudly. But even that can be kept short with a clipper; perhaps your S.O. can take care of it for you. If that is the case, then they’re a keeper.